The luxury you deserve

We have an ideal offer to believe that everyone will be very pleased. If you desire to leave your dreams, believe that you are very correct and only in our accommodation in Třeboň, you will fulfill your dreams and wishes. There are so many ways to get sporty, how to get entertained, and how to relax. Also, the rooms themselves are very luxurious and so they will surely suit you. So choose the kind of fun and relaxation, as you please, at great prices.
Weekend rest
Do you want to take a rest for the weekend with your precious half? Only in our accommodation in Třeboň, there is rest and relaxation for two, the right solution. Believe that you can choose here luxury and very romantic rooms, but also the overall types of wellness, entertainment and sport. Romance here, you will very much enjoy it thanks to the beauty of the surrounding nature and thanks to all the advantages.

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