Still in the same place

My mom and her boyfriend have a place to go regularly. Accommodation in Croatia does not solve it, you just need to call them Dennis, which is the owner of the hotel and just arrange the deadline. It's a bit from the sea, and it's so accustomed to this place that even though we talked them into going with them, but elsewhere, they didn't say. In the end they go alone, so with their peers and very much enjoying themselves. They are like young children, returning to a popular sandbox.
Was Adriana a virgin?
If Adriana was a virgin before he went abroad, her mother may only believe it today.  Even before the affair, she would put her hand in the fire. She didn't know she was sexually active. It was secured by the accommodation in Croatia and had the cleanest intentions. But when she came back and learned that she was probably pregnant, her daughter's expectations were gone. After thorough examinations, it finally turned out that it was a false alarm, fortunately!

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