Only natural raw materials will create genuine ice cream and creams

Pastel tastes for children and delicious liqueur flavors for you
Our company Adria Gold offers a plethora of varieties of ice cream. These include not only the Kopečková, but also the draught cold delicacy. For all potential customers we offer this quality draught in the form of creamy, fruit-sorbet or powder or finished frozen product.
Ice gastronomy of creams and sorbets survived millennia
We must not forget that all our products are gluten free! For all entrepreneurs who want to be grateful to their customers, we recommend a draft ice cream, especially during the summer months, when it goes literally to the dragon! We offer our own Czech products, not any substitutes from abroad!
Permanent market
Our company has been on the Czech market for more than 20 years! The ice creams we sell are delicious, made from fresh fruit and cream. All ingredients are checked and tested carefully. Our goal is to sell quality products of great taste for affordable and reasonable prices.

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